UHT Milk and Yoghurt Processing Machines

Theos Maman Dairy Enterprise (TMD) offers a multi functional mini batch pasteurizer suitable for the small-scale processors. It is a complete dairy line that contains a multi tasking batch pasteurizer, with the ability to serve as a fermentation vat for yogurt and cheese after the milk is pasteurized in the same vat earlier. Our medium and large scale dairy lines are perfect design for milk processors. The line includes all necessary components that delivers quality and safe products and also ensure itch free processing cycle.

We provide our clients with tailored-made, complete full-scale, turn-key line of  machines that includes everything: we do all the planning and give instructions regarding the facilities of drainage, water, electricity and air. Our machines are made from 3A grade standard stainless steel. 

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Juice Processing Machines

TMD offers a wide range of automatic lines for processing of beverages. We have fruit juice processors design to process fruit juice from raw fruit as well as concentrate. Also jams can be produce from fresh fruit and vegetable. Our mini lines are suitable for non-carbonated drinks.

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Ice Cream Machines

TMD offers you the best ice-cream machine to suit your own specific production needs, our machines are the perfect combination of attractive aesthetics, high performance, reliable and user friendly and are designed for products such as soft and hard ice cream.
Our machines come in different production capacities ranging from 15-70 kg/h and have the ability to produce 1-5 different flavors at the same time. We have various types of designs such as countertop and Stand Alone. Thanks to carefully selected top quality components, you only need a few minutes to produce a rich, creamy product, here it is frozen and blended, dispensing a compact, dry serving very quickly and all this comes with minimal energy consumption and extremely easy assembly and cleaning. Our machines work with the In.Co.Di.S. control system and it only takes a few touches on the touch screen display to control each function with ease
TMD designs are Ideal for catering premises such as bars, cafés, pastry shops, kiosks and restaurants.

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Dairy Packaging Machines

The quality of packaging machine and materials employed in food processing plays significant roles in the final products. To solve the problem of inconsistency in quality and varieties, TMD offers quality and automatic machinery for the packaging of readymade products in modern and attractive types of packaging such as: doy-pack stand-up pouches, plastic bottles and aseptic bag-in-box. Our heat treatment and packaging system enables one to receive pure products in addition to flavoring qualities, vitamins and aroma that remains for a long period of time. The products shelf life can vary from weeks to a year depending on the type of packaging you choose.
TMD lines are equipped with all necessary equipment for completing a full work cycle, from the reception of raw material up to the finishing of the packed product.

Water Dispensers

TMD offers unique water purification and dispensing machine for homes and offices. Our design uses the Ultraviolet light and mesh mechanism, as a water treatment technique, UV is known to be an effective disinfectant due to its strong germicidal (inactivating) ability. UV disinfects water containing bacteria and viruses and can be effective against protozoans like, Giardia lamblia cysts or Cryptosporidium oocysts.
The major advantage is the cost effectiveness in killing the majority of the harmful water microbes associated with water borne diseases and it does not introduce chemicals in water hence the taste and color of water remains intact and there is no danger of any harmful bi products resulting from the uses of UV filter. They are easy to install, maintain and do not damage tanks or plumbing.
With our water purification and dispensing machine up to 1500 liters is supplied every day, 65000 plastic bottles and satchet not produced every year and 76360 kg of carbon dioxide not emitted in the atmosphere every year.

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